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What sets myself apart from other online trainers is that I have the experience of working with many of my clients in person. I have spent thousands of hours in the gym mastering the art of how to communicate effectively with all my clients (of varying ability), understanding what motivates them, the common mistakes they make inside the gym environment, along with the obstacles they face when trying to adhere to their training & nutrition programmes. 


Nowadays there's an abundance of 'online trainers' on social media I can understand why some people may be hesitant to sign up to be coached by someone they have never actually met. With this service you will be working with me, and only me! I will be your coach for the duration of the programme, guiding you, motivating you and educating you along your journey. My passion in life is to motivate, inspire and ultimately help as many people become the best version of themselves they can be and lead fulfilling lives. Coaching with me is not just about the fitness or nutrition element but rather building up your mindset for everyday life and strengthening yourself from within.


You will receive:


  • Every week we speak via Skype, FaceTime or voice calls to catch up, review and to discuss the previous week and the programme for the week ahead

  • 24/7 access to my mobile, where we can exchange text and voice notes to keep in contact on a regular basis

  • 24-hour email access

  • A non-judgemental approach to coaching you to the best you can be


The initial process of purchase is as follows:


  • You will be sent a confirmation email, asking to create a Gmail account, along with providing information explaining how the programme works.

  • I will ask you complete a 7-day food and training diary, along with a detailed data collection form (stats, training experience, food preferences, gym equipment etc.).

  • We will have our initial Skype session/phone call/ WhatsApp to discuss your goals, background and more about how the programme will work. 

  • I use the collective information to create a programme suited to your personal circumstance, facilities and specified goals. A programme which is flexible and enjoyable.


The beauty of working with me on an online coaching platform is, location is no issue, all that is needed is an internet connection and a gym, the rest is easy.  I am always on hand to answer any questions, concerns or just for a chat at any time of the day.


The only thing as a coach I ask from anyone on the online coaching system you must be motivated, disciplined, and focused, during your workouts and along with the hours you spend out of the gym. I will be here to encourage, motivate and give guidance where needed. Unlike other 'online trainers,' I am always contactable and will always be in your corner.


A key part of our nutritional plan success is going to be the ability for you to weigh, measure and track your food intake and be honest in your caloric and macro intake. This will require you to own a set of food scales and commit to sticking to prescribed amounts of foods.



Payment is as follows

  • First 4 weeks is paid upfront and from then payment is billed on a recurring weekly basis

  • All payments are made via PayPal and set up on a recurring basis, any cancellation must be given in writing before cancelling a transaction.


If you have any other questions regarding the online coaching please contact me at

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