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So, you want me as your online coach?


You arrived on this page because you somehow heard about me: maybe you read one of my articles, maybe a friend told you about me, and you perused around the site for a bit and thought, “hey this Pete guy sounds like he knows his stuff, this is the kind of guy who should be coaching me” and then you clicked to find out more on my website.


Chances are you’re going to have a look at the website and close it down and forget about wanting to hire me as your coach.


And before you know it, a month’s gone by, one year, two years and then you’re older and even more out of shape and you still haven’t made any changes. One day maybe your doctor tells you that if you don’t get your act together you’re probably going to die or lead an impaired life. Or maybe one day you look at a recent photo of yourself and don’t recognise the person you see in the picture.



You have a thousand and one questions and it’s all so overwhelming that you just end up not doing anything. 


What sets myself apart from other online trainers is that I have the experience of working with many of my clients in person. I have spent thousands of hours in the gym mastering the art of how to communicate effectively with all my clients (of varying ability), understanding what motivates them, the common mistakes they make inside the gym environment, along with the obstacles they face when trying to adhere to their training & nutrition programmes. 


Following me so far? Yes?  Great Let’s get started.



What the hell is Online Coaching? 


You’re starting out but there’s all this conflicting information, obstacles, and things of that nature that’s leaving you confused, frustrated, and anxious.


People waste an inordinate amount of time trying to work things out for themselves. Having an experienced coach will fast track your results.


The internet has made it so that you, the client, can now make an educated choice on whom you wish to work with. 


The internet has increased your options. You can now work with whom you wish to work with instead of being coupled with a random trainer from your local gym who you may know nothing about. 


– Do you like me? I’m not for everyone, I swear and I have a dark sense of humour, but if you enjoy reading my content, then you’re also going to enjoy working with me. This automatically increases your chances of success. The more you like me, the better our relationship = the better your results. 


Am I an expert in my craft? From all the content I’ve put out, you can find out if I actually know what I’m talking about. My passion is to help my clients in any way I can and to give 100% in doing so.


Can I help you? I’ve had thousands of hours of 1 on 1 coaching with a wide variety of clients all training for different individual goals. I’ve trained people for physique goals, nutritional coaching, lifestyle adjustment, life coaching, self-development coaching and mindset coaching




Ok, I’m interested, what is included in the plan? 


  • Custom Training Program. I do not provide ‘cookie cutter’ programmes. All plans are tailored to the individual client, their likes, dislikes, training, health and injury history being taken into account.

  • Personalised Nutrition Programming.


Enjoy low carb, higher fat?


Prefer Higher carbs and lower fat?


Paleo? Cool. Vegan? Maybe (of course, it’s a joke)


My point is simply this: I’m not married to one approach, whatever is suitable and preferred by the client, we’ll go with that and get you results.


  • Nutritional Tracking Goals. All nutritional coaching will be set on a Protein Fats Carbs Fibre and Calories intake requirement, this allows you to have the flexibility to eat how you want and what style you want while still hitting our planned allowances. Of course, if you’re having trouble with ideas on how to hit these numbers I am here to help.


  • Individual Supplementation Plan. A list of all the supplements that you may need, and actually work. No nonsense, straight talk about supplements that work with strong scientific support.


  • Weekly Updates / Progress Photos. Clients check in once per week so I can keep a track on progress and review photos and make changes as needed and discuss any questions and upcoming events/issues.


  • 100% Full Access to Me. Out to dinner and confused on what to eat? Not sure about a certain exercise? The gyms busy, what should I replace this exercise with? I’m always contactable.


  • Guidance and Learning. from someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. And has been where you are right now. A successful body transformation is just as much, if not more, the psychology as it is the physiology, and a big part of understanding the psychology is to have been and done what you’re preaching. Which I am proud to say I have.


No more frustration, anxiety, and confusion over what to do and what not to do, what’s safe and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t. What’s myth and what’s a fact? This alone will take a load off your shoulders: let me handle your training and nutrition so you can focus on the rest of your life.



Please. If you’re not really serious about changing your body – don’t bother applying. I’m here to be your mentor and coach. I am not here to babysit. If you’re not willing to do the work, no amount of coaching is going to help and vice versa if we do start working with each other it is up to you to put in the work, I can provide the tools and ideas to get you to your goals, but YOU are the one that has to do the work and go the extra mile.


If you think this one of those 6-week Shred programmes: don’t apply. 


If you have any serious health concerns: don’t apply. Not that I wouldn’t love to work with you, I would. But, I’m not a doctor and I’d rather you work with someone who has the right experience and qualifications to help you as safely as possible (I’m happy to offer suggestions)

Addendum: Who I Work With


+ Guys and Girls, generally in the 18-40 year range.



+ Have experience with lifting weights – You don’t have to be a super advanced lifter, but you need to be able to perform the basics with good form. This whole getting you sexy thing is done online. And for it to work I need the client to have a good base from which we can build on otherwise it isn’t going to work out.



+ ‘I don’t know about calories and macros? Am I not able to work with you? :–(’– Not at all. My role as a coach is to teach. And the calorie and macro thing are easy to teach online, unlike performing exercises correctly, so it’s not a big deal.



+ Natural, Bro. I have no issues with people wanting to take steroids, that’s their choice, but I only work with naturals.



+ People who are willing to work HARD– a) see diatribe in the previous section and, b) I’m not here to fuck around. Neither should you be.





Well, fill out the application form below and I’ll get back to you as within 24 hours. 



*Please note: your application is my first point of contact with you. And I can glean a lot about a person from the way they fill out the form. If all your answers are one word – or sentence – long (except where necessary), I’ll simply delete your application because I have zero interest working with people like that: if you can’t be bothered to fill out the form, then I can’t be bothered to work with you. Like I said – I’m not here to babysit. 








1. Do you coach females?

Yes, girls lift too. 

2. I have a coach doing my programming, can I hire you for nutrition?

Nope, sorry.

3. Can I just buy a training programme by itself?

Again, nope sorry. 

Look, here’s the thing. My coaching isn’t just the physiological – it’s not just the macros, the training programmes, and exercise selection.


It’s about teaching you better habits and self-reliance. I want you to learn as much as you can from me and get to a point where you don’t need me anymore (most of my clients who wish to stay on with me do so because of their own choice, not because they feel like they can’t do anything without me – If my client’s felt the latter, I’ve failed as a coach). 


So sure, I could sell you a programme but you’re not going to learn one single thing. And then in a month or so, you’ll message me with a ‘Hi Pete, this programme isn’t working anymore, what do I do?’ 


My nutrition programming works in tandem with my training programmes – I’m sorry, but without one, the other isn’t going to work.


4. Can I buy a meal plan from you?

No. See the previous point.


5. How does this whole process work? 


  • Fill in the form

  • I send you out the coaching packages with all the relevant info you need and make suggestions on what you should do (bulk, cut, or recomp).

  • If you’re happy, you choose a coaching package

  • I send you out the full client questionnaire to fill out with the payment request.

  • Once you get your form back to me and payment is made – I’ll get your programme to you within the next 24-48 hours

  • You Smash it. 


6. What do you expect from your clients? (Yes, I totally made this question up to reiterate)

  • Hard work and commitment.

  • You’ll need to check in every week on our set day.

  • Fill in all the necessary tracking sheets I provide that we’ll use to track body weight, composition, training, and nutrition.


  • Ask as many questions as possible. This is probably contrary to what you’ve read before, but I strongly believe that the more questions a client asks, the better their results will be. It also builds more trust in me as a coach, and a lot of the questions my clients ask turn into full-blown gazillion word articles because my brain hates brevity, apparently.


  • A minimum of three months commitment. Two reasons why:

  1. It takes about three months on average for most to see substantial results.

  2. This prevents those who aren’t serious about coaching from signing up.

Again here is the form to apply for coaching


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